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The agroecological transition in viticulture

To accompany viticulture to agroecology 

Laureate call for national project 2017 program of the Ecophyto II plan

Transfer of Viticultural agri-environmental measures to COLLectives

As an extension of the 2017 Guide for Agroecology, the goal of TRAEVITI-Coll. is to help the reflection, the realization of the implementation of agri-environmental measures at individual or collective scales, and to help the national and international recognition of commitments and initiatives.

French Agroecological Transition in Viticulture Survey

The purpose of the French Agroecological Transition in Viticulture Survey, carried out at the end of 2018, was to look for :

  • evaluating the commitment of viticulture to agroecology
  • identifying groups interested in participating in the project and / or testifying to their initiatives.

The agroecology guide in viticulture

The Guide to Agroecology in Viticulture, developed by IFV and INAO, aims to provide technical benchmarks for all winemakers who want, individually or in a collective setting, to change their practices , to initiate or deepen an agri-environmental approach.

Designed in a very practical way, it combines simple application measures to support the sector towards sustainable and efficient production systems.

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