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“Effects of climate change, scarcity of water resources, impoverishment of soils, health issues … today, to ensure the sustainability of our vineyard, to contribute to the promotion of our appellation and consolidate public confidence in our wines, we must further strengthen our commitment to agri-environment. This is an economic, environmental and human issue. And if, for decades, many of us have already changed our practices, it is essential to go further by mobilizing all the actors of the Languedoc AOC and support the agro-ecological transition of our vineyard. It is in line with the commitments initiated in 2003 by the “guide to good winegrower practices” that these sheets were created, in order to give everyone the means to achieve these objectives.”

Jean-Benoît cavalier, president of the AOC Languedoc union 

General objectives

  • anticipate the effects of climate change
  • preserve the terroir
  • support the evolution of winegrowers’ practices
  • meet society’s expectations
  • enhance the appellation and ensure its sustainability
  • reasoning the practices towards no impact on global warming
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